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"It was uncanny how over an Internet connection my tarot session with Viveka perfectly mapped to my state of mind. She is very good at helping you centre yourself and tuning into your energies..."

- Annapurna Mitra, India

"Viveka has an intuition,  a lovely warmth of spirit and insight I can only dream of. 

I always come away feeling restored, nourished and with a golden nugget of insight that without her presence I couldn’t hear.

- Imogen Irving, UK

- About Viveka-


Viveka Chauhan has trained in and teaches Reiki Energy Healing, which entails sending universal life force energy (pranaa or chi energy) using certain Reiki symbols that have been taught through Reiki Master level training. Energy is meant to travel across space and time and the symbols help alleviate the force of healing.

Viveka combines Eastern meditation practices with Western psychology, blending her training in mental health with her exploration into healing and kundalini meditation practices.

She conducts workshops to teach mindfulness and self healing techniques. She also does one to one Holistic Mental Health and Wellness Coaching sessions as well as oracle card wisdom and reiki healing sessions.


Sessions explore nurturing through our capability to heal from within so we can shine that light outwards in various areas of our lives such as work and relationships.

Nurturing the shadows inside so that we can face those aspects that we hide from and guide them through the heart chakra into towards the light- 

Through guided mindfulness and self healing tips.

She works between New Delhi, India and London, UK.



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Reiki & Energy Healing   
Tarot Card Readings
Guided Mindfulness & Meditation 
Holistic Coaching



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How do coaching sessions with Viveka work?

After an initial exploratory conversation of 30 minutes to chart out areas in your life that you want to focus on,  there are sessions that can be booked either weekly or fortnightly. Viveka believes that each person has the ability to transform though they may sometimes need some guidance or reflection to reach their optimal  solutions to issues.

Having had lived experience of anxiety and depression and coming out the other side, Viveka understands that there are times in our lives when things don't seem to go the way we hoped and we can feel stuck in patterns that do not seem to be helping us. Viveka has training in mental health counselling and mental health support work. Having someone to reflect back our own stories can help to see things clearer and highlight solutions which we might have missed out on.

Viveka believes in a holistic approach- combining reflective, therapeutic sessions where one can discuss various ways of working on enhancing our lives.


You can have an initial session to discuss which modalities can work best for you or if a combination of them will help. If you have any particular questions or you want to book an initial consultation session, do mail. Viveka endeavours to reply within a few days.



Example of issues that come up with clients:

This example is to highlight one of many things that could be affecting an individual.

Let's take a chronic digestive issue as an example that may be affecting all areas of a persons life. 

On the face of it, this seems like a physical issue, though a digestive problem can often be linked to anxieties that cause a clenching in the gut area.

This can then be linked to a kind of 'stuck-ness' in the normal energy flow around our bodies which then cause disruption to the energy centres or 'chakra's.

There are many ways of working on a digestive issue- talking and sharing about one's anxieties can help reduce it, and doing certain healing and mindfulness exercises can help increase a flow in our energy field. Certain lifestyle and nutritional changes can also help tackle this problem; thus tackling this physical issue in a holistic manner- taking into account the mind, body and energy.