Viveka is a Transformational Life Coach and Wellbeing practitioner.

Her supportive workshops and one on one work helps create an environment of support and becoming aligned with your purpose by being able to learn how manage the stresses of your everyday life.

Viveka has a very strong professional ethic which goes a long way in creating a solid trust-based relationship with her clients.

This foundation is then nurtured within a kind and supportive framework of exploring one's inner landscape one step at a time in a collaborative manner.

With almost a decade of work experience, Viveka's insights are welcome and appreciated for their holistic nature and her approach can be best described as a rare blend of empathy and inspired mentoring.

- Testimonials -

"It was uncanny how over an Internet connection my tarot session with Viveka perfectly mapped to my state of mind. She is very good at helping you centre yourself and tuning into your energies..."

- Annapurna Mitra, India

"Viveka has an intuition,  a lovely warmth of spirit and insight I can only dream of. 

I always come away feeling restored, nourished and with a golden nugget of insight that without her presence I couldn’t hear.

- Imogen Irving, UK

"I have immensely enjoyed and benefited from Viveka's weekly Goddess and meditation sessions. Not only have I learnt alot, I have also taken away thoughts, ideas and practices that I can draw upon in my day to day life. Also the meditations have reinvigorated me and bought back weekly peace into my life. I so hope these weekly sessions will continue on! Thank you Viveka"

- Fiona Gulec, UK

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- About Viveka-

Viveka Chauhan worked in film and visual anthropology for many years and combined her interest in socio-cultural studies with a passion and training in psychology.


She went on to train in and teach Energy Healing such as Reiki and oracle cards.

Viveka combines Eastern Wisdom practices with  psychology and  conducts workshops to teach mindfulness and self healing techniques.

She also does one on one integrative mental health and wellness coaching sessions which can include the use of oracle card wisdom and reiki healing sessions as tools to go into deeper levels of work.


This is a space to explore nurturing and growth in areas of your life through our innate capability to heal from within.

Nurturing a dialogue with our inner selves so we can face those limiting beliefs and nurture better aspects of ourselves.

She is based in the UK and conducts online sessions for people worldwide.


- Training and Experience -

  • BA - Psychology and Sociology- Christ University, India

  • PGdip- Film Direction and Production, SACAC, Delhi India

  • MA- Visual Anthropology, Goldsmiths University of London

  • Master/Teacher level training in Usui Reiki - Sujata Malik and Fiona Gulec, Delhi/London

  • Level 3 training in Pranic Healing- Path Seekers Pranic Healing Centre, Delhi

  • Kundalini and meditation training- A Thousand Suns Academy, Raja Choudhury

  • Therapuetics Skills Certificate- Society of Analytical Psychology, London

  • Counselling Training and volunteer work- Sanjivini Centre for Mental Health, Delhi

  • Mental Health Support Worker- Cyrenians Housing to De-addiction and Mental Health 

  • Accredited Facilitator- Reminiscence Arts in Dementia Care, London

  • Transformational Coach Training- Animas Centre for Coaching, London UK

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Clients and Partnerships

Amy Gwilliam- Performer, Faciliattor, Activist

Amy and Viveka have Collaborated on a number of workshops on the themes of creativity and wellbeing

Fiona Gulec- Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer

Fiona has trained Viveka and they have Collaborated on a number of workshops Reiki, Sound Healing and Wellbeing.