Tarot Card Reading

About Tarot

Tarot cards are an ancient mystical system with origins from around the world. Tarot cards are a way of gaining insight present, past and future of a person through it's rich symbology.

Tarot symbols tap into the archetypes, spoken about by psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung and bring together symbology of Eastern

and Western esoteric practices.

Tarot Readings

For a one to one or online card reading the person comes with some things in their mind that they want to clear or delve into. More than 'yes' 'no' answers, the cards show symbology, often very apt to what the person is going through in their lives, and gives the person a way of understanding their situations and bringing to light certain patterns, solutions and ways of addressing issues that might perceive to be a hindrance. 



"I have taken two tarot readings before. Viveka's tarot reading somehow resonated more with my inner self. Unlike other tarot readers or astrologers, she helped me to mediate through my inner wealth. Rather than declaring the readings as my destiny or instilling fear of the present or future. Her readings are more intuitive, insightful and liberating. In a way she acted as a bridge between my sub conscious and it's deeper knowledge . I am definitely going to recommend her to others"

--  Aditi Kumar

    Art Historian & Freelance Writer, London UK

    June 2020

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